Kimble. Small bag. Big potential.

October 01, 2015 0 Comments

The Kimble Shoulder bag is 100% nu-buck leather except for the canvas accent on the outside front. It's the perfect size for guys or girls who want to carry the essentials in a slim easy access shoulder bag. 

I designed it the prefect size for an iPad so it's great as a travel / commuting bag. There's a sunglasses pocket and a zippered security pocket on the inside which is sealed with a brass zipper. 

On the back is another full length zippered pocket, ideal for keeping your mobile phone or cash close to your body. 

On the front is a handy dandy slip pocket semi closed with a 3kg resistance magnet. The magnet doesn't weight 3kg it can withstand 3kg's of.... oh you get it! Anyway, it's made as a quick stash for your keys, sunnies, wallet, tools, spatula, ninja knives, light sabre etc etc etc.

The Kimble Bag is great value at only $149. I only have a few of these left so be quickly fast! Click here to find out more.

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