Solo Man!.. My Eureka moment...

January 05, 2016 0 Comments

It's impossible to achieve perfection and it's downright tedious to achieve "Yeah, not bad.." But I have had my Eureka moment! I have attained "Yeah, not bad.." status!! Yew!! Hi-Five!!

Actually I am being quite self deprecating. I think the new Solo range is actually pretty close to what I wanted this bag to be 12 months ago when I launched version 1. Does it have some more  improvements to come? Sure, but for now, it is pretty smokin hot. 

The Leonard Closing System

I think one of the most significant changes is to the closure of the bags. I was no longer a fan of the magnet and buckle arrangement of the original design. I wanted to design a closing system that was simple and yet robust enough for guys. Considering most bag hardware is designed essentially for womens handbags, it required me to start thinking outside the box in order to make something Neanderthal proof. And it was literally trial and error to come up with the Leonard closing system (so named after Grandad Jack's middle name). You'll see this on a number of my bags from now on. 

Why do I like it?

  • Because it's simple,
  • It's robust,
  • It isn't heavily hardware dependant,
  • It's very effective and diverse, and 
  • It's potentially replaceable.

The Leonard system allows you to close the bag in a number of ways, the ultimate of which is pretty bloody secure. So as a motorcycle / adventure accessory, it's good to go. 

Solo Brumby

The Solo Brumby is the new name for the Solo canvas and leather model. All Solo's now come with the two front pockets by default. The Brumby now also comes with a full leather gusset (otherwise known as the sides and bottom you ignorant meat heads). This gives the bag strength and durability where I think it needs it and also gives it a desirable two tone appeal. 

I have also experimented with different colour combinations for this season. Which brings me to mention the new Smoke coloured canvas:
It is going to get dirty.
It will attract stains, and dust and blood and vomit...
Pretty cool huh!?
Can you imagine how freaking gnarly this bag is going to look in 12 months! I can wait to see!

Solo Drover

The Solo Drover and the Brumby are the same beast but with different skins but the Drover, with it's full body of leather is definitely a premium product. The Tan, as pictured above, is a beautifully soft leather that really presents this bag in another weight class. It's an investment but one that begs to serve you everyday. 

It also comes in my very trusted and true friend, the nu-buck brown. This leather has been part of my stable since I started Jack Stillman and I can't see our little bromance ending any time soon. It's a heavier leather than the Tan and it ages like an old mules ass. 

Noticeably absent from the new Solo is the back pocket zipper. I think the new design makes this handy pocket more accessible for your phone or keys etc whilst keeping it close to your body and secure. 

I have also dropped the 4 attachment loops that allowed the bag to be used as a pannier. Why? Because I don't know a single soul (including me) who ever used them. They were an over complicating feature and I have snuffed em. 

As equally noticeably INCLUSIVE is the new Jack Stillman liner. Ala Dead Gauntlet Comic. Nothing says quality man-bag like a comic strip liner that features zombies, motorcycles and mashed heads. 

If you'd like to know more about either bag (or arguably less...) click the links below:

Solo Brumby

Solo Drover

If you have an opinion you'd like to share with the rest of the class please keep it to yourself. Unless it's about how awesome this shit is. In which case: go...

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