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Granddad Jack's

Granddad Jack's Sack Wax

    2. Creates a water-resistant barrier over fabrics
    3. Allows fabric to continue breathing
    4. Natural ingredients - No Petrochemicals
    5. Beeswax and Coconut Oil-based
    6. Antibacterial 
    7. Easily applied with no mess
    8. Biodegradable
    9. Apply to bags, jackets, hats, trousers and more
    1.  Empty the bag or garment to be waterproofed.
    2. Dry and dust off to remove loose soil otherwise this ends up trapped between the fibres and begin breaking them down.
    3. Lay the item flat on a hard surface and rub the Sack Wax into the fabric fibres. The idea is to get an even covering all over the surface.
    4. Ensure that wax is getting into vulnerable spaces like seams and joins.  
    5. Apply to the whole bag or garment at once, or in sections.
    6. Rub the wax into the fibres using your hands in a rapid motion (causing friction heat) or use a hairdryer and push the Sack Wax through the outer surface. You shouldn't overtly see any wax when you are finished. 
    7. Cover evenly then allow it to dry off. The item will be slightly tacky for a day or so.