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New York Hat - Lamb Stingy

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This hat is known as a Stingy. It's essentially a bucket hat made of leather and injected with so much sass you're likely to get a move-on notice for causing a scene. If you don't grow a Petit Goatee and take up the Sax after buying this hat; I don't know whats wrong with you.
  • This retro style bucket hat
  • 100% Nappa lambskin
  • Made in the USA 
  • Weight - 120g
  • H 10cm, L - 28cm, W - 24cm


To determine your size please follow these simple instructions. Please measure correctly because exchanges for the wrong size can cost you. What could be worse than getting this really cool hat and it doesnʼt fit!

Hereʼs what I recommend:

Place a flexible tape measure 1 inch above your eyebrows around the widest part of your head. Remember, measure twice, cut once. Wait. No cutting required...

Record the measurement in centimetres unless you're weird and refer to the chart below to choose the correct size. 

 Head cm

Hat Size

54 S
55 S
56 M
57 M
58 L
59 L
60 XL
61 XL
62 XXL
63 XXL

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