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Jack Stillman

Newport Sack - Drawstring Bag



Don’t dismiss the Newport’s simplicity. This very traditional bag can best be described using one word - useful. The drawstring design means it’s quick and simple to access and can be worn across the shoulder like a rucksack when needed. Best uses are as a shopping bag, day bag, equipment sack picnic and beach bag and festival bag. 


The Newport Sack is made from 8oz waxed cotton canvas so it’s water resistant. Throughout it’s long expected life it can be re-waxed using our own Granddad Jack’s Fabric Wax to keep it protected. The internal liner adds another layer of strength and insulation. The drawstring can also be adjusted to the wearer. 


  • 8oz waxed cotton canvas
  • Internal cotton and polyester liner 
  • Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Jack Stillman Logo
  • 39cm W x 47cm H 1


We make small batches of our own bags in-house. So we are very confident in how they are put together and the materials we carefully source. This bag comes with a 10-year warranty covering failures in materials and workmanship. Please read here for more information.