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Goose Handmade Biker Wallet

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 The Goose is 100% handmade. That is to say it's 2mm leather sides were cut precisely with a handheld blade. It was folded and glued by experienced hands before each individual hole was punched exactly 2mm from the edge. Into those holes was threaded a 1mm heavy twine that was hand stitched and meticulously tensioned. When all of that was done, the virgin leather was hand stained and characterised with a creative eye. Each wallet is individual. They are made with a level of attention to detail that will guarantee a very long life. 

Motorcycle not included

- 100% Veg Tanned Leather - 100% Solid Caste Brass Hardware - Handcut - Hand Stitched - Hand Stained - 36cm Solid Brass Chain - 7 Card Pockets - 2 Cash Billfolds - Coin Pocket - Coconut Hessian Protection Bag - FREE Shipping

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