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Rogue Waxed Canvas Duffel

Satisfaction Guaranteed  
      1. 10 Year Warranty!
      2. Handmade from old fashioned materials
      3. Water resistant full length weather hood
      4. Full length brass top zipper
      5. genuine solid brass feet and hardware
      6. 100% cotton custom-printed liner
      7. Reinforced shoulder strap anchor

    Choose a different shoulder strap such as the Cameron all leather Strap or the The Ryan Shoulder Pad and save 30% off the cost of the strap when you buy with a bag. Just add a bag and a shoulder strap to your cart and the discount will be set automatically. 

    1. We use 16oz heavy beeswaxed cotton canvas that can be re-waxed using Granddad Jack's Sack Wax to maintain water repellency and fabric durability
    2. All leather used is chemical free vegetable tanned leather that has been hand stained and edged. 
    3. Tully Shoulder Strap 126 cm * 3.8 cm * 2 mm thickness
    4. GENUINE Solid brass hardware
    5. Dimensions: 50.cm x 23cm x 27cm
    6. Weight 1.9kg
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    2. If there are delays expected we will let you know.
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The Rogue Waxed Canvas Duffel is distinctive luggage. Made from travel hardy 16oz heavy bees waxed canvas and genuine, hand painted veg tanned leather it’s been re-designed from the ground up to be tougher and smarter than it’s previous version. Use as a travel bag, overnight bag or work bag. The more kilometres you put on the Rogues clock the better it is going to look.

Made of experience

My bags are made of my experiences. The more I travel the more I learn that stuff happens that you never plan for. Rain storms, dusty conditions, you end up carrying more stuff than you started with, 4 star travel suddenly becomes negative 1 star. So that’s how I think when I design a bag. 

Much consideration has been put into making this bag as flexible and tough as it can be for the price. I've placed extra stitching, canvas and rivets in vulnerable areas to increase strength and reduce failure. 

Travel with confidence

(Image 1) The shoulder strap anchor is always the first to go on any bag. So the Rogues hand-painted leather strap anchor is literally bolted to a double layer of 16oz canvas and then cross stitched into place. The rivet is actually a Chicago Screw and both this and the D Ring are genuine solid brass. 

(Image 2) The inside of the bag is protected from weather and snagging by the dual thickness weather flap but for added surety it's also a durable YKK brass zipper. That and the water repellant waxed canvas makes it pretty difficult for water and muck to spoil your gear. 

(Image 3) The front Conway buckle secures the weather hood. It's a solid piece of real brass with no small parts to get gunked up. This gives you quick, hassle free access to the zipper at all times. 

Plenty of Space

The inside of the Rogue is more than ample. 50.cm x 23cm x 27cm works out to be 30150 cubic centimetres. The liner is 100% cotton with my custom printed Dead Gauntlet comic book liner. There's also organisational pockets fixed to the side of the bag with pockets for your sunglasses, power charges, toothbrush etc. There's also a zippered valuables pocket. 

30% off leather strap?

The Rogue comes standard wit the Tully Shoulder Strap but you can customise with the Cameron Leather Strap (pictured) and save 30% off when you buy together with your Rogue. 

Add the Rogue and Cameron Strap to your cart and receive an automatic 30% off the strap. 

Add the Cameron Leather Strap

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