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Bonnie Embroidered, Organic Cotton Sweatshirt by Eudoxie

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From Eudoxia France. Specialising in cheeky fashion for girls who like to ride.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Portugal
  • Embroided helmet and flowers design on the back
  • Round collar
  • Ragging cut
  • Designed by Goldy

Product description

The Bonnie embroidered sweatshirt is a true work of art and technical prowess. It is definitely one of the finest examples of detailed embroidery I have ever seen. It needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. This is an all occasions piece best worn on a motorcycle or at an event, but its discreet embroidery allows you to go everywhere. Of course, it's made of organic cotton in Portugal. 

The cut of the Bonnie sweatshirt

You're gonna love this bonnie embroidered sweater. The sleeves are raglan, which means that the sleeves are cut between the collar and the underarm. If you visualize baseball it's easy. It gives a little bit of batting to the sweatshirt. The collar is round and detailed with a small triangle which finishes the piece well. The sleeves reach to the wrist and are not too long so they don't get in the way.

The size

We advise you to choose your size, as usual. As the cut is raglan you will have material under the arms and at the bust. This will accommodate different breasts and shapes. Eudoxie are women and they put a lot of thought into the women who wear their gear.