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Jack Stillman

Larrabee Card Wallet

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If you want a simple, low profile way to carry your cash and cards then this is the perfect wallet for you. At just half a centimeter thick (about 8mm filled) it's designed to keep your essentials together without causing BPB (Buttocks Profile Blowout). 

The Larrabee is 100% made by hand. Hand cut, saddle stitched by hand (each hole is tool punched) and hand stained to look authentically antique (you know, just like the credit card wallets from 100 years ago).

  • 4 external card pockets (2 both sides)
  • Central cash pocket
  • 100% Handmade from traditional materials
  • 2mm vegetable-tanned leather (toxin-free)
  • Hand cut with hand punched holes
  • Hand-painted and burnished
  • Hand-stitched with needle and thread
  • We use 2mm vegetable-tanned leather
  • Size 9 x 10 x 0.5cm