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    El Solitario

    Mackaoui Long Sleeve T-Shirt by El Solitario


    Medium weight 100% cotton loose knit long sleeve tees.

    El Solitario love teaming up with those street artists that rock our world and come up with limited editions like this long sleeve T they've made with artist Sean Mackaoui. What’s sweeter than wearing the work of your favorite artist around your neck? El Solitario originally became familiar with Sean’s work on the cover of the celebrated Canta de la Tripulacion.

    Medium weight 100% cotton loose knit long sleeve tees overprinted with a high definition print, and then rewashed in order to give them a super soft vintage handle to both fabric and print. El Solitario T-Shirts are made from scratch using their own patterns, cotton & ribs. The cut is slim, the sleeves a bit loose and the necks open. Expect only the best and that is what you will get.

    *Main design on the front.