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Jack Stillman

Nømad Sling Bag by Jack Stillman



The Nømad Sling Bag looks unusual but it's made to outperform and outclass any mass-produced, lazy-stitched nylon "sports" bag you want to challenge it with. The Nomad was conceived under the ideals of old-school military equipment that needed to be tough, practical and resistant to battle. Who's got your back: Sgt Barnes the WW2 Commando or Lionel the lycra wearing bicycle courier? Cover me Barnsy!


The Nømad is a mid-sized sling bag with a bad-ass look. It’s conceived as a day bag or commuting bag and is large enough to accommodate a 13” laptop or iPad inside one of our Tia Notebook sleeves. Designed to be worn across your body on either the front or the back, it also has both left and right wearing options. This is a highly recommended motorcycle bag. 

Significantly the Nømad has been reinvented in 2021 to loose the outer zip in favour of our unique full-length YKK waterproof ridge-zip. This improves access to the bag, as well as greater flexibility in folding or rolling the N0mad closed to ward off adverse environmental conditions. You won't see another bag like the new Nømad. 

Like it's predecessors, the Nømad is constructed from 16oz beeswaxed cotton canvas and features genuine, solid brass hardware and true vegetable-tanned, top-grain leather. Each Nømad is handmade in small batches. It's not mass-produced. It's made with meticulous attention to detail and care. 


It was January 2019 and the Vietnam monsoon was unloading on Da Nang City. Gale force winds with rain so thick, it posed me a drowning hazard as I rode headlong into it on my 250 Yamaha scooter. My Nomad (XL version) was strapped across my front and we were both taking a bath! This was not what it was designed for. When I finally got home I unzipped the Nomad expecting to find frogs and lily pads but the interior of the Nomad was dry and so was my gear.

Thoughtful design, 100% cotton and a protective layer of beeswax had beaten this extreme weather. I wouldn't recommend this kind of activity day after day but it re-affirmed to me that old-tech doesn't mean obsolete. The Nømad is water-resistant, not water-proof. 


  • Australian Designed
  • Dimensions: 42cm H x 24cm L x 13cm W (The top "peak" is 18cm W). 
  • Strap length 78cm to 110cm
  • Approx 12 litres
  • Can fit laptops and tablets up to 22 x 33cm
  • Weight 0.950kg
  • Solid 2mm thick veg tanned leather anchors on all stress points
  • The design is expandable when more room is needed
  • Waterproof YKK ridge-zipper design
  • Waterproof YKK quick access pockets on the front and the back
  • 10 Year Warranty!
  • Handmade from old fashioned materials
  • Internal organisation pockets
  • Cotton, burnt orange internal liner
  • REAL Solid brass hardware
  • All leather is 100% Vegetable tanned and hand-stained and burnished
  • We use 16oz heavy beeswaxed cotton canvas that can be re-waxed using Fabric Wax by Jack Stillman to maintain water repellency and fabric durability. It's old fashioned and it works


    We make our own bags in-house. So we are very confident in how they are put together. This bag comes with a 10-year warranty covering failures in materials and workmanship. Please read here for more information.