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Nomad 2 Waxed Canvas Sling Bag - PRE ORDER

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The new Nomad bag is better in so many ways. PRE-ORDER NOW and avoid the price increase ($129). Shipping March 2018. 


  • NEW Waterproof Zippers*
  • NEW Extra, hidden external pocket with waterproof zipper
  • NEW 100% Cotton, 150% cool custom-printed liner
  • NEW Supported base sling configuration*
  • NEW Hood compression configuration
  • NEW custom-made metal G Buckle hardware, silent and effective*
  • NEW exquisite internal organisation including new tablet anchor
  • Super Tough, water proof, Waxed Canvas 
  • Unique expandable design
  • Genuine leather belts, anchors and zip pulls
  • Left and right handed wearing options
  • Zippered, external valuables pocket 
  • Dimensions: 35cm H x 24cm L x 13cm W (The top "peak" is 18cm W)
  • Weight 0.72kg

*Many of these new improvements are based on customer feedback and suggestions. 

Commuting Hiking Motorcycle  Air Travel Tablet pocket Keys and valuables pocket Phone pocket Sunglasses


Water proof zippers

As an outdoor bag ideally suited to motorcycle riding as well as sightseeing, I thought that the Nomad could be improved by adding waterproof zippers to all external pockets. In fact look out for this improvement on all future JS bags. The use of leather has been responsibly downplayed but you will still have plenty where it's going to enhance the aesthetic of the bag over time; such as on the belt and zip pulls. 

Simplicity leads to strength

One of the downfalls of the previous design was the base strap anchors. They were leather and attached to the back panel of the bag. This created stress on the anchors and some faulting. The new configuration simplifies the whole thing. The anchors are attached to the base of the bag and vinyl webbing replaces the leather. Notice it's made from a single continuous length of webbing. Also, instead of the dual metal D rings and lobster claps I give you a single steel G Buckle. Longer lasting, silent, replaceable - genius. 

Expand the hood for more room

As well as doing away with the base lobster clasp hardware, I have made similar simplifications to the hood cinch strap. Instead of superfluous and noisy hardware that ads weight, I've opted for a more simple configuration which makes use of a single continuous length of canvas webbing. Simplicity means longevity. 

When the hood is expanded to create more room in the bag, the new G Buckle conveniently anchors onto the side webbing keeping with the low noise, low profile of this design. 

It's what's inside that counts

I've saved some of the best stuff for the inside. The organisation of this bag is first rate. I wanted to take advantage of the rigidity of the external waxed canvas to help keep things in order order on this inside. The zippered valuables pocket, the Phone and sunglasses pockets, a pen pocket, all riveted to add grace and peace of mind.

The liner is sure to cop more than it's share of double takes when you open this bag in public. It's 100% cotton and equal measures class. 

A hidden but significant feature of this bag (and all new JS bags) is the new tablet/laptop anchor. That's it just under the steel eyelet: which is there to serve as lanyard holder. The principal behind the laptop/tablet anchor is to hold a new range of laptop and tablet sleeves which I am releasing in 2018. Laptop pockets are great for people who have laptops but they take valuable space for those that don't. Similarly, overly large or poorly made laptop pockets don't effort the best protection for such valuable assets in my opinion. That's why I'm replacing pockets with safe, removable, water resistant sleeves that fit your device. Each new JS design will feature the anchor loop which will securely hold the device sleeve in place during travel. 

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