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Jack Stillman

Ryder Hand Stitched Wallet


The Ryder is 100% made by hand. Hand cut, saddle stitched by hand (each hole is tool punched) and hand stained to look authentically antique. It's designed to last. It's designed to look better in 5 years than it does the day you load it up. If you are a wallet abuser; you need this.

  1. 6 internal card pockets (3 either side)
  2. Cash fold with leather divider (2 partitions)
  3. Brass chain swivel and optional chain
  4. 100% Handmade from traditional materials
  5. 2mm vegetable-tanned leather (toxin-free)
  6. Hand cut with hand punched holes
  7. Hand-painted and accented
  8. Hand-stitched with needle and thread
  9. Solid brass hardware
  10. We use 2mm vegetable-tanned leather. To learn more about the advantages of vegetable tanned leather over chemical tanning processes that employ toxins please read here.
  11. Size 12.5 x 10 x 1cm (23.7cm opened)