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Where are your bags made?

Where are your bags made?

Jack Stillman is a family owned Australian business founded in 2014. Most Jack Stillman products are handmade in our specialist workshop in Da Nang, Vietnam. We own our own manufacturing and treat our workers like family and pay them well above what they would expect elsewhere. It's a reciprocal arrangement. In return they are some of the most highly skilled craftsmen and women in the world and our reviews confirm this. 

Sometimes people ask us why we don't manufacture in Australia. It's a good question. We would love to offer an all Australian-Made product, but unfortunately, it's not possible to make a cost-effective product like this in Australia in 2021. The reasons are complex and have to do with the supply of materials, skills, labour costs and economics. We produce outstanding rocks, universities and steaks in Australia but textiles are not our strong suit. 

It's important to note that we employ a team here in Australia and pay taxes both here and in Vietnam. We also ship our products around the world from our base here in Fremantle WA. 

We are extremely proud of our small team in Vietnam and Australia. Our founder Jarrod Stillman and his youngest daughter lived in Da Nang in 2018 to 2019 and were able to establish an operation that is now totally unique and highly specialised. We employ skilled artisans who take pride in a stitch perfect product that stands up to our 10 year warranty. We even have a full-time team of leather specialists whose work is outstanding. 

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